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Change is good, right?

While everyone was impacted by the changes brought on by COVID-19, Vagrant Coffee has been undergoing some changes below the hood that you may not yet be aware of.


But don’t worry, these are exciting changes.



First, we‘re offering phone order and have installed self-order kiosks in all of our locations. Visit our home page and click on “Order Online”! This keeps you safe and makes ordering super easy, barely an inconvenience.

Second, we’ve been featured In Sprudge and Barista Magazine publications where you can hear more about us and other Black owned coffee establishments during COVID-19. We are very thankful to be featured and are very excited to continue in these important conversations.

Third, special events are still happening. We are still going to offices, events, gatherings, parties, anniversaries and more. The new normal is adding the elements of social distancing but everything else still can happen easily. Contact us today about your next gathering.


We have also changed the menu in our cafés. Yes, we kept the crowd favorites like the Turkey Apple Brie sandwich and have improved our Breakfast Sandwiches with house-baked croissants.

Milk & Honey Market and 3 Bean are both open 8-5p 7 days a week! We’ll see you soon!

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