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Updated: Jan 30, 2019

by Philip Glenn

As an entrepreneur endlessly seeking to find ways to engage and inspire purpose in others, I have found the following statement to be forever true. Emotion is contagious, culture is everything, and the right people make every endeavor worthwhile. Every successful enterprise embraces this core understanding that values the growth and development of their people. For business is not business without meeting the key necessities of one another, both internally and externally. In order to do this well and meet the ever increasing demands of a globalized economy, the leaders of today must be ready and able to meet big challenges with competency and courage utilizing every tool and resource to develop a comprehensive skill-set rooted in emotional and psychological intelligence. Every meaningful endeavor elicits such leaders.

To be human is to be compelled by emotion. Some leaders abuse this powerful motivator through dominating and fear-based tactics. These leaders, though compelling in the short-term to accomplish their goals, do not possess the necessary motivators to accomplish global sized solutions. For it requires a unified and focused team to accomplish such challenges and this requires respected leaders who tap into the emotional reserves of trust and influence. These are the leaders that lead by example, seek the interests of others before themselves, and are putting themselves on the line just as much or more than the people entrusted to them. These are the culture creators and these leaders understand this role as a fundamental one. Establish an environment of trust and you create a culture of ownership, openness, engagement, and innovation.

When you have compelling leaders in place and cultural norms promoting the health and well-being of an organization, you must work diligently to sustain this. In order to accomplish this, you must attract and seek out individuals who also buy-in to the purpose, values, and goals of that organization. It is essential that the right people continue to grow and develop alongside the growth and expansion of the business itself. Leaders therefore must possess the ability to discern, to be relationally engaged and experienced in order to decipher the chaff from the wheat. To build a strong culture is also to protect it.

In all my pursuits, I have found that being prepared to meet these challenges has proved to be the best metric for success and resiliency. Whether I have taken risks to start new businesses or pioneered into uncharted territory, I have relied heavily on the abilities to earn trust and respect through demonstrating value in the emotional and psychological needs of others, especially my team. It has served me well as a leader and opened up doors and partnerships I never thought possible.

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