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School Appreciation Event

School Appreciation Event


How we operate:

Simple & Easy

Vagrant Coffee is a full service coffee supplier. In addition to our roasting/wholesale and retail locations, Vagrant Coffee steps out of the 4 walls of the cafe to bring the cafe straight to you! With the use of our mobile equipment, we travel to any location and serve the cafe beverages and breakfast catering we all know and love.

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Show Your Appreciation

Never before has showing thanks to teachers been so important. Through the calm and the storms of life, teachers empower the mind of our communities. 

The Fuel Knowledge campaign is designed to keep these teachers fueled with the appreciation and a little boost of energy to keep them going. 

Vagrant Coffee needs community partners like you to make this dream a reality.

You Support and

we handle it from there.

Once we receive your financial support, we contact the school and settle on a time and date for their event. The school is notified of your appreciation and notifies their staff of the treats coming their way. Our equipment comes fully stocked and ready and requires nothing from the site host. We serve for  pre-determined amount of time to ensure everyone gets fueled, clean our area, and move on without a trace.